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Free ClickBank Portal

I assume you have heard of the ClickBank Marketplace , or the ClickBank Affiliate Program and you want more information on how you can become a ClickBank Affiliate and start cashing in by promoting one or more of their more than 10,000 products!

For the newcomers , in short, ClickBank is a huge marketplace of over 10,000 digital products and over 100,000 affiliates . You can sell your own product, or you can promote their ever increasing products’ database for free as an affiliate. What’s great about Clickbank is that as soon as you create a free affiliate account , you can instantly promote any of their 10,000+ products without having to apply for it or fill out any other info.

In the beginning...

When I first started as a ClickBank Affiliate , I selected a few products here and there (30 to be exact) from several different categories and tried to promote all of them on one single website, and to be honest, I haven't had much success... in fact, I haven't sold a single thing and the site is still running to this day - you can view that site here . You will also see it has been running since 2005 and I haven't done anything on it since 2006 - the site is ugly and outdated and I made halfhearted attempts to add other affiliate programs in it too, 1st, 2nd and 3rd mistake...

Since then, I have grown wise... :)

How? Well, I started realizing that promoting so many varied products through one website is simply not viable... I had tried it and it didn't work. So I started concentrating on one "category" at a time and built one website concentrating only on that category and the "appropriate" products under it. So basically it boils down to, 1 website, 1 category. Which proved to be more successful since all the products are related.

If only I had then what I have now, I wouldn't have wasted so much time and effort...

In the present...

Now I extensively use a FREE ClickBank Portal called CBGlobe... yes, you heard right, a FREE Portal!  

What is CbGlobe and what the heck is a ClickBank Portal?

CbGlobe is a free Clickbank portal . A system that retrieves the hottest selling products from Clickbank , sorted by popularity, which earns you multiple income streams . Instead of promoting products one by one , you can have your own Clickbank mall , with your ID embedded in more than 10,000 Clickbank products earning you up to 75% commissions , as well as many 2-tier affiliate programs. That means you can earn money in any niche , and build your 2-tier downlines in other affiliate programs at the same time. In other words, you can promote one web site and earn multiple income streams at the same time , but this is only one monetization method.

Click Here to view an example of my ClickBank Portal

There are lots of different methods that you can make money with the various features of CbGlobe .

There are 2 types of affiliate links that you are getting credit for, with your CbGlobe account:

a. Clickbank’s 10,000+ products
b. 2tier and residual income affiliate programs

To begin with, the Clickbank nickname you use with your CbGlobe account, automatically gives you commissions for all 10,000+ Clickbank products. Therefore, you only need to configure/update “category b” links (2tier and residual income affiliate programs)

Doing that is very easy.

Here it is in 3 easy steps: (Provided you have already signed up with ClickBank as an affiliate )

1. Sign up for your FREE CbGlobe Account
2. Login to your admin panel
3. Click on the “update your affiliate ids” link

For the affiliate programs you have already joined in the past , simply enter your affiliate ID in the respective box and click on update. For the affiliate programs for which you do not have an affiliate ID already, simply click where it says “click here to join the program”. Once you have your affiliate ID, just enter it in the associated box and
click on update. (note: your affiliate ID should be similar in form to the example given for each one above) That’s all there is to it! All the affiliate programs chosen are free to join.

So how Does CbGlobe's ClickBank Portal Make You Money?

1. Clickbank commissions on 10,000+ Clickbank products
2. 2tier and residual affiliate commissions on other products
3. Giving away FREE CbGlobe portals like I am doing here now
4. Use the adsense-like plugins to monetize your existing blogs and content sites
5. Use the adsense-like plugins to create niche blogs and content sites for various niches
6. Clickbank search plugin - In my eyes, the MOST Valuable of the whole Portal!

Other CbGlobe Buil-In Awesome Features

1. Banner Rotator Manager
2. Url Rotator
3. Hit Tracker
4. Viral Article Syndication – Publish viral articles on your website

Free Report on the Free ClickBank Portal More information is available in this Free ClickBank Portal Ebook (Right-click and choose "Save-Target-As") with a more indepth look at all the different features.

Quick Recap:

1) Sign-up as a Free ClickBank Affiliate
2) Sign-up for your Free ClickBank Portal
3) Login to your Control Panel and add your other affiliate codes or sign-up for them and ... Start promoting

Now go make some money!!!!!