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As I have said earlier, the easiest way to start is probably with Affiliate Programs and earning commission . Promoting products or services that are already in existence is easy because most of these affiliate programs have structures , methods , marketing material etc. in place . So you basically just have to copy, paste and optimise your web pages. Some affiliate programs will also give you sub-domain websites that are ready made so you can either use your own website to link to it, or use offline promotion such as Classified Ads in your local newspaper that contains the website link.

The best is to search for affiliate programs through Google or other search-engines and then discern if their products are worth promoting. My suggestion for this is, try promoting products that add value to a buyer's life . Some Affiliate programs require membership fee's and some don't. I am not to say the one is better than the other, but if you are armed with knowledge, you will better discern if it's worth spending money on any given program. Trust your "gut" instincts . Do not "loose insight" just because you are "online". Don't think it will work just because it's on the internet... Remember, "real" people are online and they are the buyers.

By now you should have decided what it is you want to promote, whether it is Health Products, Beauty Products, Sport Products, Digital Products such as ebooks, software and scripts etc. If not...

My suggestion: Visit each Affiliate Program and Research theirproducts . A good way of doing this would be to use a tool tosee how popular certain products are by knowing how many searches their are onany given day for a specific product.  Grab free copyof WEBCEO to assist you with this. Remember to record your findings in a Spreadsheet .

An Example Spreadsheet could be something that looks like this:

Program 1
Program 2
 Affiliate Website URL
 Type of Product
Cellphone Ringtones and Wallpapers Website and Keyword Analyzer
 White Label (sub-domain) Website
Pre-Built Sub-Domain websites as well as downloadable White Label Sites No
 Marketing Material Provided
Yes, Extensive. Banners, Text Links, Mini-Sites, Content Generator Yes, Banners, Emails and Text Links
 Daily Keyword Searches
1) Polyphonic ringtones : 2,514
2) Nokia Ringtones: 7,246
1) website optimization : 2,343
2) website promotion: 16,975

At a later stage, you can add more fields like your Affiliate ID, Username and Password and the Login URL and anything else you may want to record.

Like I have said, there are a myriad of affiliate programs out there ! To help you get started , here is a list of a few I have personally joined and are actively marketing and making money from .