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Make Money Online

Another excellent way to start is by buying eBooks with Reseller Rights . This way you have a complete product ready to sell. Most of the creators of eBooks has "Sales Letters" already drawn up in HTML format. So all you need to do is upload the Sales Page to your site. And most of them will have ready-made graphics you can use!

I advise you to visit the following sites where you can purchase the latest eBooks with up-to-date, current information. On some sites you may even get some of the eBooks free of charge and still get the rights to sell it!  :)

See the " What's New " Section on the main menu (to the left) for " Special Promotions " where I will notify you of hundreds of products with master resale rights that you can GRAB FOR FREE!  

The  Rich Jerk

He may be obnoxious... but he will help you make money! 

Meet the Rich Jerk...He's obnoxious. He's lazy. He's crude. And he doesn't care, because he's FILTHY RICH. He's made millions on the internet & helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom, working just a few hours per week.

See the Rich Jerk's website , which has advertisers, censors, and media around the world in an uproar!

Rob's Green Club  


Best Value for Money! 

Purchase a Once-Off Membership to Rob's Green Club and he will provide you with the latest, most up-to-date eBooks, Software and Utilities to kick-start your online business and maintain it!

You Get Lots of Resale Rights Ebooks and Software!
Not only will you be making the most of Rob's exclusive software to market your own websites but you can also use these resell rights to make 100% profit for yourself! You can look forward to having:

  • The Affiliate Marketers Toolkit
  • Impact Popup
  • Web Audio Plus
  • KeywordTidy 2
  • EmailTidy Pro
  • TopSite Extractor 3
  • SiteEqualizer
  • Ad Tracking Pro
  • Article Site Builder And Much More!

Now that you have an idea of what you can promote and sell, you should consider getting web hosting.  I suggest hosting with these guys.