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The next thing on your list would probably be to find reliable web hosting. The best would be to go for a hosting package that offers a website building utility too so you can easily build and manage your websites. The second criteria definitely should be a hosting package that allows either multiple domains to be hosted on one account and/or unlimited sub-domains.

The reason for this is if you should want to promote diverse product lines, like say Health and Sport, so that you can setup a Sport website by itself where you only concentrate on topics of sport. The next website then would concentrate on Health Products for instance. Now this can be done either with two domains or two sub-domains. For a full domain you would have to register a new domain name which will result in additional cost, but at today's domain registration prices this isn't such a big hurdle!

Sub-domains are free in that sense, because it runs from your main domain. For example, you will have a main domain say its called www.tradingcorp.com, then your subdomains could be something like sport.tradingcorp.com and health.tradingcorp.com. So effectively you can run two different websites on the same domain. :)

We recommend the following companies for web hosting: 

INTERNATIONAL WEB HOSTING: Give www.onlineworkweb.com a visit. They not only offer multiple domains to be hosted under one account, but they also give free subdomains! Domain Registrations are as little as $6.95

onlineworkweb.com web hosting packages


$5.83/mo , 1500MB Data Storage, 300GB Transfer

Data Storage 15000 MB
Data Transfer 300 GB
Domains Hosted 1 

Domain Registration » $ 6.95



$11.58/mo, 2500MB Storage 400GB Transfer

Data Storage 25000 MB
Data Transfer 400 GB
Domains Hosted 10 

Domain Registration » $ 6.95



 For more Information - Visit them by clicking here


SOUTH-AFRICA WEB HOSTING: Give www.edisc.co.za a visit. Hosting Packages start from R39p/m including unlimited email, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains under each account.

They also give excellent support and if you host with them, you could get a FREE High-Quality, Professional and Search-Engine optimized Website CUSTOM Built from them, and if you want, have the ability to update and manage it yourself afterwards!

Most of their hosting packages include FREE Domain Registration!

For more Information - Visit them by clicking here


Both Hosting Companies above have WEBSITE BUILDER TOOLS to assist you to easily create and manage your own website! And this is ultimately what you need. Control of your website so you can add new affiliate programs, banners, links and off course, content!