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The Digital Shop - the place to purchase information....

What is "The Digital Shop"? - well, basically it's a place where I sell eBooks, i.e. digital products or “information” on various subjects. Undoubtedly, you may have come across most of these products before.  :) 

Master Resale Rights

All the eBooks have been acquired by me together with “Resale Rights” and in most cases “Master Resale Rights”.  If you are a Webmaster you should keep a lookout for all the products with “Master Resale Rights”, because this means you can sell it too! And off course you can use any images, banners text etc. But, most products have their own Ready-Made Sales Page. 


For those of you that do not want to buy the actual eBook but would rather just promote it and earn commission, I have good news too! Each product has an “affiliate” page which lists the percentage of commission you can earn. A HEFTY 55%! It also contains the “hoplink” to promote it. A Hoplink is a link containing your affiliate code and you will be required to have a Free ClickBank account. (Sign-up for a free ClickBank Account Here). In most cases I will also give you some “marketing material” in the form of banners, text links etc. which you can freely use. Keep in mind that you need to download all the banners and then upload to your own server because I don’t allow “hot linking” to images on this domain. 

The Categories

I have tried to categorise the various eBooks as best possible, but off course if a specific product will better fit in another category, please feel free to suggest the move! (You can use the contact form on the contacts page). The various categories are listed underneath the “Digital Shop” Menu Item. On that note, not all the eBooks are related to Internet and Marketing.  ;)


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